If you want to build a Startup Business that can benefit from an eCommerce Platform or have an existing business and want a way to build a customer base quickly then you should make use of the Ashrays mobile app which is heavily based on geolocation as it has a much greater potential to attract physical foot traffic to your door.


A person that is clearing house and wants to sell unwanted items

Load the details of the items you want to sell. Choose whether you want to accept reservations and if so, set a collection time for the reservations.

You can then accept cost on collection.

You can benefit from an eCommerce platform by increasing the exposure of your eBay, Facebook, Craigslist, etc. items by listing it on the Ashrays mobile app.


A street vendor wants to attract more people at an event

One of the ways in which you can benefit from an eCommerce platform is by simply creating an electronic discount voucher. Interested users or those in the vicinity will then receive a notification of the voucher as a QR code notification. They can then choose to either go to you directly or order it and have it delivered.

If the buyer goes to the vendor’s stand and presents the voucher on their phone. The vendor scans the code with his phone and sells the product to the buyer at a discounted rate.

Your business wants to attract more people to their physical store

After uploading their products on and publishing it, the products will be searchable via the mobile app. Users looking for your type of products in your area will see your products in their search results and can choose to go directly to your store, buy it via the app or to place a reservation; whichever option you allow.

Your farm stall wants to advertise your products.

As most passers-by won’t easily stop to ask for prices and you cannot be expected to keep a big billboard with prices visible from the road at all times; you can simply list their products and publish it; after which a notification will automatically be sent to people in your stall’s vicinity who are looking for the types of products you have on offer.

Even though today’s customer base is expanded on all levels, the amount of free cash flow is falling. It is, therefore, necessary for all vendors, great and small, to try and make greater gains by shortening the supply chain and going directly to the consumers. That is where comes in, bringing suppliers and consumers together, creating a community-like experience that is for both suppliers and consumers.


A business is looking for new suppliers

Set your desired search radius and do a search in the application. Once you find a supplier, use the built-in chat functionality to discuss the finer requirements and delivery costs.

Place your order and continue with more pressing work while you wait for delivery.